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Cultural Program of "Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2017"

Cultural Program of "Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2017"

As of the current date, 18 creative groups from 12 regions of Russia and CIS countries have already confirmed their participation in the 17th Interregional Universal Wholesale and Retail Trade Fair "Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2017". There are groups from Tula, Voronezh, Ryazan, Kaluga, Tver, Belgorod, Bryansk, Smolensk and Leningrad Regions, the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the Republic of Belarus.

59 craftsmen from Belgorod, Oryol, Ryazan, Tula and Leningrad Regions, the city of Murmansk, and also from the Republic of Belarus are going to attend the "City of Craftsmen" exhibition. Moreover, some representatives of Chernihiv Region and Kirovograd also plan to take part in the fair.

Creative Groups Planning to Take Part in the Cultural Program of "Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2017"

  1. Moscow, Moscow City Creative and Variety Band "Solncevskie Lozhkari", 9 people.
  2. Moscow, Leading Amateur Folk Ensemble "Beregynya", Western Administrative District of Moscow, 5 people.
  3. Moscow, Circus Studio "Surprizy Moskvi", Moscow House of Culture "Zagorie", 15 people.
  4. St. Petersburg, Vocal-Pop Show-Group "Non-Stop", 10 people.
  5. Moscow, Mikhail Chabanenko Moscow City Collective of Creative Song "Moscoviya", 11 people.
  6. Tula Region, Folk Ensemble of Russian Song "Tulskiy Khorovod", 19 people.
  7. Ryazan Region, Rybnovsky District, Bagramovo, Folk Amateur Art Collective of Ryazan Region – Song Ensemble "Zdravitsa", 10 people.
  8. Tver Region, Honored Collective of Folk Arts – Ensemble of Dance "Kabluchok", 22 people (including 7 people at their own expense).
  9. Kaluga Region, Ensemble of Cossack Song "Volniy Veter", 10 people.
  10. Belgorod Region, Valuisky District, Folk Ensemble "Zaznoba". The Cultural Development Center of the Urazovo village, branch of the Regional Cultural Center "District Palace of Culture and Sport", Valuisky District, Belgorod Region, 6 people.
  11. Leningrad Region, Tosnensky District, Folk Ensemble "Harmonitsa" of "Tosnensky District Cultural and Sports Center", 9 people.
  12. Voronezh Region, "Donskiye Zory", 10 people.
  13. Bryansk Region, Starodubsky District, Mishkovka, Folk Ensemble "Ivushki", 8 people.
  14. Bryansk Region, Trubchevsk, Folk Ensemble of Russian Song "Drema", 11 people.
  15. Smolensk Region, Smolensk, Folk Ensemble "Kanareiky", 9 people.
  16. The Republic of Belarus, Gomel Region, Svetlogorsk, Instrumental Ensemble "Dominanta" of Svetlogorsk Children's school of arts, 9 people.
  17. The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk Region, Gorodoksky District, Folk Ensemble "Azerytsa", 8 people.
  18. The Republic of Belarus, Gomel Region, Oktyabrsky, Folk-Choreographic Ensemble "Rudabelskaya Potsekha" of the Oktyabrsky Leisure Center.

The concert program "The River of History – The History of the River" will take place in the second day of the fair since 10.00.